9 Types?

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9 Types?

I’m working on a mark that prominently features the number 9. We've reached a point in the project where we're demonstrating to the client that we have explored every possible option!

Do you guys have any thoughts on the different types of '9' formations that exist? There appear to be three general structures: the 9 that looks like a lower case 'g,' the 9 with the straight-angled leg (like Futura), and, in some less conventional typefaces, the 9 that looks like a lower case 'q' with a vertical leg . Are there any alternate structures that I missed?



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-ix or IX
-a 9 that looks like a droopy 3 without the bottom curve (the back part is indented)
-a 9 that is a basically an underlined zero
-in arabic, from which the conventional numbers came the nine's leg curves to the right.