Arhaic Geo - please critique

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I have found these Archaic Romanian typeface in an old Calligraphy notebook. There were no numbers so I did them.

Please tell me what you think.

Thank you.

I also have other posts here requesting critique so if you like these kind of typefaces please check the others too and tell me your oppinion. - Arhaic Cali - Friends - a personal creation font

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You're doing interesting font archeaology! That A is hilarious, like a little a sitting on a chair pretending to be a CAPITAL :)

As for the numbers: I think the 9 and the 6 are not quite there yet. The 6 looks like an 8 with a bit missing. Maybe you can use a bit more angular approach, like the P or the D.

Keep it up!

cheerio Queneau

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Hello again Queneau,

Font Archeology, nice words :). Yes, I would like to revive these Old Romanian typefaces.

Beside these historic types I do have some sketches of my own for other typefaces trying to bring them in the new and modern trend and keeping the old tradition. They will have to wait for now.

You are right about the numbers and also about the A for which indeed I had the same feeling.

Iţll be back with these corrections.

Thank you very much for your comments.

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I would have the same comment about the number 6 and 9 they look out of the typeface. Look at the O, P, Q it could be helpfull to draw the latter. There also something interesting to start with the C and the G. You could work on the 3 too. Keep going.


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I have worked on some of the numbers.
The red ones are the new (2 variants).

Do you think I'm getting closer?
Which one of the variants would be better?

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I think the second row is better, it's certainly an improvement. But I think they still need some work, as they still look a bit 'unsure', especially the 9 and 6. Try to experiment with the size and shape of the bowls. As for the 3, though I like the 3 in the first row better, the second one fits better with the rest. Maybe you can take the bowl of the 1st one, and make the top side more 'edgy', it's just too rounded now. Just keep at it!

Hope this helps.

cheerio Queneau

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I have adjusted them.

These is the last update.

And these are the testings I have done.
Out of them I think the best are chosen above.

I feel them more closer together (same family, unity).
Now I think the number 4 has too little space inside.
Maybe I'll adjust that too.
Number 8 is also a bit strange. Maybe I'll try something for it too.
What do you think?

Thank you very much Queneau.

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Your new red 3 is very exciting. I like 7 too :)
This is such an unusual font I'm having a hard time thinking how to improve it.
W looks very plain. What about a chunky slab serif on the middle apex?

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Thanks for your comment.
W is not a regular letter for romanian so it is sort of artificially created and added. Maybe some vertical flip of would have been more appropriate.
I don't know if a serif, even a slab one, would be suited.
I will try it and post it here.

Thanks again.

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