space after asterisk in a footnote?

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*Editors’ note: A juvenile...

* Editors’ note: A juvenile...

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Probably depends on editorial style more than anything. What is the basic style guide you're working with?

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And if the footnote is in a different font, the asterisk should be of that font and in the same size, oui?

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I'm no professional, but my gut instinct would be yes. You'd be best served waiting for someone who knows what they're talking about stopping by here though. :)

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Erm, the style guide of conflicting historical precedent [none].

Can you recommend one to a newb?

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Whatever looks good to you (in the target medium, that is). Depends on the font, the size, … Could be a full space, half a space, …

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But certainly some sort of space is gonna work better in the long run than none at all. Consider whether any of the notes will run to more than one line: are you going to do a hanging indent? If yes, that would support the space. Might there ever be two footnotes on one page? Asterisk & dagger aren't necessarily going to have the same width so some tab-based space would then make sense to line up the text of both notes. If you were doing numbered footnotes, they'd certainly have a space!
Ever since I chose to block pop-ups, my toaster's stopped working.

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Hanging indent and tabs, totally.
I'm no professional either, but Robert Bringhurst stresses it should same typeface as the footnotes not as the body text.

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en space following the asterisk (or dagger or footnote number [which should be followed by a period]).

asterisk should be the same size and face as the footnote.

no hang.


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I'd go with no hang, unless there are several numbered footnotes on pages.

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> Might there ever be two footnotes on one page?

I've done scholarly notes, with up to 20 on a page (at worst). Those would be numbered notes, however.

For symbol notes, there is a progression of about six symbols (asterisk, dagger, double dagger, section mark, paragraph mark ... ??? my mind is foggy, perhaps someone else will clarify.) I believe the rule is that if you pass the six, you start to double asterisk, etc. (But over six notes on a page and you really should be using numbered notes. )

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I think I've seen double-vertical-bar used as the next one in the succession after the paragraph mark. But, yes, whoever did that should really have been numbering them instead...

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