I've given in to Flickr.

Whenever the percentage of type-related entries on my blog exceeds a (very low) tolerance level, I get complaints from bored readers. So I decided to make Flickr my type-stuff-posting refuge. Apart from here I mean :-)

Have a look if you like:



Welcome to Flickr then as well!


Thank you! Another nice type-related time-eating place to be… :-)

Nice pictures Nina, I like the headless people in your typespotting set!

My Flickr page is mostly photos but there's a bit of fonty fun there too.

Wow, nice photos Ben. I'm quite envious you traveled to Burma BTW!

I used to live in Thailand so visited Burma many times from there, I love it :) But I need a new camera if I go back!
I should really learn how to save money so I can travel more...anyway glad you like them.

Happy Easter! :)

Welcme to flickr then. I haven't put much new stuff on my flickr page lately. Need to start exporting new things as png and photograph printed matter...

Cool, Jelmar. I love how your Furet font is looking...are you still working on it? Haven't seen it on the crit board for ages.

I like your family portraits too, very good.

Wow, some great pictures, Jelmar. I dig the duct tape project. And Furet looks very yummy!

Ben: Now I'm really envious. I should say intrigued though. :-)

Happy Easter guys.

Ben: thanks, yes Furet is still in the works, although I've put it on the sideline for the moment, to return to it with a fresh eye. I made that preliminary specimen because it was a project I was doing at art academy, so I had to show it.

And I was quite pleased with the family portraits myself too. ;)

Nina: Yeah, the duct tape project was quite fun to do. Unfortunately we had very little time to 'tack it on' so to speak. But in spite of that, I think it turned out pretty ok. :)

At least it does not look too tacky :-)


Hi Nina,

Welcome to flickr!
Keep them coming, I want to see more...

Some of my sets for typography:
Typography Exercises



Thanks, Juan! I got quite absorbed in your Signs & Street Art set. Had to close that window now, otherwise I'll never do anything else today. ;)

Hehe Chris, no indeed. I wanted to listen to the Rolling Stones album Sticky Fingers when I was working on that project, but unfortunately I didn't bring my laptop... ;)

Hi Nina, lovin' Ernestine. 'A night with Ernestine' makes me want to see more... Is there more - like a pdf? I particularly love the 'g' which may be the 'signature' glyph.

Thanks Nick! I'm glad to hear that. (Especially about the "g"! My favorite glyph in there, and it took me a while to figure it out.)

Ernestine is hoggin' a long thread in the critique section,* of which an update is imminent – I'll post a PDF of the full alphabet (with caps, and hopefully a first draft of the numerals) very shortly, certainly this week. I'm not really wanting to show too much of it on Flickr before it goes up here.

* http://typophile.com/node/53395

How did I miss that? I guess I loiter in the Sans section mainly. I'll check it out properly soon though, you can be sure. Thanks for sharing it.