Serif logo, help needed... (a la New Caledonia Bold)

Hello. I'm interested in this font. I do suspect that there are some modifications made to it (especially in the "a"), but otherwise it should be based on some typeface. can anyone help me find it. New Caledonia Bold is something that looks like it, but is not the same... Thanks in advance.


Looks an awful lot like Bauer Bodoni.

The a is a little larger and shifted down, and it's been horizontally scaled, but that's all the modification I can see.

Bauer Bodoni it is, bold to be precise. I thought that there's been some modification done where the a and m merge, as the m is missing one serif, but i was wrong - only the m is modified. otherwise it's just simply Bauer Bodoni bold with some scaling. Thanks a lot this was really helpful!