Script revival - Lariat

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Hi all,
This is an old photosetting font which I am digitizing for my company. I would appreciate any suggestions for changes or improvements that can be done without losing the character of the original font. I know that the color needs to be made more even - any thoughts on that?

(I tried uploading a pdf, but for some reason that is taking forever. I might put it on a different server if anyone is interested.)


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Looks like you could us a lowercase s with an upstroke for beginnings and combos like the p s in ipsum. I would also look for solutions to crashing descenders like f g as well. The size of your dollar and cent signs seem a bit odd, but perhaps the dollar is raised like a superior character.

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Hi Mans,

What you've got there is the original Filmotype Lariat font . . . The quality of your digitization is dependent on the quality of your source material . . .

Please write me offline at diner (at) fontdiner (dot com)


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Great Job!

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