Happy Birthday Jared and Typophile!

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Thanks for existing.

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Happy Birthday, Jared!
Happy Birthday, Typophile!

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Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday!!

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Onnea molemmille!

Happy Birthday!

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Muchas felicidades, Jared!

Happy birthday, Typophile!

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PS: And Happy Birthday to Jared one of the proud originators of this forum!

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Thanks Jared, all the best!

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I wish Jared and Joe would recount how they came to develop the Typophile web site for all those who frequent this site.


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Happy birthday, Jared and Typophile!

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There is a little backstory on how Typophile came to be here in the TypoWiki:


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Happy Birthdays! Don't post much, but I do enjoy reading often, so thanks for servin' up the good stuff.

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Thanks, Zara! That was a good start. I was hoping for some anecdotes and quotes from the dynamic duo to humanize it a bit. (Hint)


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生日快乐. Jared &Typophile.

Zara shared a nice piece about Typophile. I think someone out there might expand it into a full feature story (with Chris's hints) which could land on the Design Observer or other graphic design publications.


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Maybe even Eye Magazine :-)


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a little late, but happy birthday jared and typophile!

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And what better birthday present than the inclusion of Typophile on the Web Trend Map 4, as a metro station on both the Creativity and the Sharing line, very near the heart of the map. One of the 333 leading web domains!


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A very happy [belated] birthday (and big thank-you!)
from this newish Typophile fiend, too!

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Cool, Yves! I'll be thinkin' of the uptown train and checkin' all the signage :-)


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Buon compleanno,Typophile!

( I am in Italy just now )

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Buon compleanno, Typophile !
(I am in Turkey right now :-)

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