How's my Kerning?

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Hey guys, I'm working on a logo for a children's creative playspace and boutique.

How do guys feel about this logo I'm working on and more importantly how is my kerning?


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The only bit that springs out at me is the se gap.


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"play" appears to be kerned tighter than "house". At the very least the kerning on both sides of 'o' looks a bit loose.

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My first impression was that the mark is too close to the P. It's the edge of the roof that comes too close; have you tried slightly tilting the house on it's axis to the left? Just enough so the gutter doesn't butt against the P's serif.

Oh, and what font is that? I can't place it. It's nice.

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The font is Nexus Mix Bold.

Thanks for the critique guys, I'll revise it and post it again.

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