Fountain and PSY/OPS in a joint release: Catacumba Pro

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Fountain and PSY/OPS in a joint release: Catacumba Pro

Fountain and PSY/OPS in a joint release

Catacumba Pro - inspired by tomb inscriptions

Fountain and PSY/OPS come together in a special joint release of a
new typeface from Portuguese type designer Rui Abreu.

Catacumba Pro is a six-weight typeface inspired by the painted
inscriptions of the Igreja de São Francisco church's catacombs in
Porto, Portugal. The forms are clearly influenced by Victorian
style, with an unmistakable French heritage, and yet they somehow
convey a decidedly Portuguese sensibility.

Catacumba's centerpieces are its two titling styles: the exuberant
Excelsa, and the Didonesque Moderata.
From these two decoratives, four new cuts are derived. These,
the Text fonts, are tamer and more understated, but maintain
the same artisanal grounding and DNA as the display fonts.
Each Catacumba font includes a wide selection of OpenType ranges
and features, allowing for extensive use within the Latin range.

Designed by Rui Abreu and mastered by PSY/OPS

Catacumba Pro can be found at:

Video for Catacumba can be found at:

For a limited time (until May 16) we are offering
a special price of 89 Euro / 124 USD for the complete family.

Thank you for your time
and have a nice day

Peter W. Bruhn [Fountain] &
Rodrigo Xavier Cavazos [PSY/OPS]

Fountain is an independent and friendly digital type
foundry based in Malmö, Sweden. We’ve been
sending out nice typefaces to the world since 1993.

PSY/OPS is a type design studio in sunny/foggy San Francisco.

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Congratulations to Rui for designing such a lovely typeface!

And congratulations to Peter and Rodrigo for releasing the beauty :)