One more critique... for the road.

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Hi Folks,

Trying to finalize my personal mark 'Evoke Creative'. Really really struggling to nail a typeface for the logotype. Was playing around with Chalet but feel it doesn't sit with the mark... please feel free to critique... suggestions for typeface are most welcome.

Thank you


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This is a clever solution to the E & C combination but I feel it falls short on living up to the company name... because it's not really evoking (I associate that word with imagination) nor does it come across as very creative. I think you should continue to play around with this solution though.

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I have seen this exact mark either on Logopond or in one of the LogoLounge books. I'll try and dig it up when I have time. Just a heads up.

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Howdy Epsilicon, that mark you would be referring to on Logopond is mine, its all in the username, like yourself I visit Logopond on occasion. Glad you remembered it though, Cheers!

@Melo - Thanks for the feedback. It took me along time to come with a suitable name that I liked. I do like the letter combination of the letters and maybe that is where I should concentrate...

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Haha .. excellent, Paul :-) It is is a very distinctive mark.

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