(x) Wide sans on Old Vic poster - custom typeface by R&D&Co {Felix}

Can anyone tell me the name of this one? I like the uppercase Rs ...


Hi Ed,

I've found a document that says it's called "Spacey-Brand". I assume it's custom made or customized (though I don't know on which basis) when Kevin Spacey took over the artistic direction.


We've had this request five years ago. Searching for Old Vic on Typophile would've yielded this thread. Part of my explanation seems to have disappeared.

This is a custom typeface designed by R&D&Co for the Old Vic. I just found out that the east London consultancy closed shop a little over two months ago.

Thanks Yves. Funny thing is that I've tried searching for it and it says that I need "at least one positive keyword with 4 characters or more.". But that the mystery is solved is the what counts.


Thanks people. Funny, it looked familiar so I assumed it wasn't a custom typeface. Maybe it just looks familiar because I cycle past it every day ...

Just stumbled across this Thread by chance, for those interested I used to work for R&D&Co, it is indeed a custom font called 'Spacey' not 'Spacey-Brand' It was created as part of the re-brand for the Old Vic theatre company. The font comes in widths instead of weights (2 Weights). The font was designed by Rob Andrews of R&D&Co (which has since ceased trading).