Launch of Updated Website

My hair is completely torn out from having just finished updating my website, its filled with new images of engraving.
Take a look,


looks great!
(I have a fondness for sacker's gothic)
(if that's what it is)

Thanks again for coming to speak at University of Missouri - Saint Louis
We really appreciated having you there!

Lovely work! If updating your web site is that much bother try switching to the indexhibit CMS system. It’s a very simple web portfolio system.

Very nice and inspiring. Looking over I found your Petit Suite and the "engraving2". I place a link I found there showing a what seems a brass plate. Is it brass Nancy?

hi jeff,

the font is ATSackers Gothic. allan haley at monotype told me it was developed for one of the photo lettering systems expressly for thermography which was invented to replicate engraving. monotype digitized it in the, i think, late 80s. Sackers was the collection of engraving lettering styles that the cold type version came from.

i had a great time in st. louis, thank you. the great poster you guys created for me is somewhere in this blog and or my wordpress blog.

hi james,

thanks for the tip about indexhibit. updating the site is not so much a bother as it requires me to use a portion of my brain that is not my usual pattern, so its a good exercise for me. the site has a CMS section where i just update the words with some tagging or coding (or whatever those little things are like <> and etc.,) its just more fastidious work than i like to do more than 2-4 times a year.

it did inspire me to start loading-up the aiga new orleans history and sustainability pages, though.

think i'll try-put the indexhibit thing for my husband's site.

hi AGL,

the plate is copper. funny, i even upped the red and magenta on the original file to make sure it read as copper and not something else. oh well, each monitor is so different...

hi james,

just wanted to thank you for the indexhibit tip.

we were in the middle of getting my husband started on his website, he's a photographer, and i had him working in wordpress but he was frustrated by there yucky templates. he has a domain name through my provider so is very easily able to get going with indexhibit.