Looking for a poorly printed "soft" classic sans (no sample)

I'm trying to find a typeface that looks somewhat like poorly printed News Gothic (or some other early 20th century sans used for text). I don't want a "grunge" font, just some softness/roundness in the edges.

Any suggestions?


_ Set text with News Gothic in Photoshop.
_ Turn off kerning
_ Overlay with subtle texture or noise filter
_ Flatten layers
_ Gaussian blur (more blur for rounder corners)
_ Increase contrast until type edges are sharp
_ Adjust brightness to increase or decrease the weight

One of my all-time favourites, Cubanica Marquee might be a fine choice. It not only gives you a certain roundness, but also some funny kerning issues, that give it more naive vernacular look. But it looks like a Latin-American sign, not early 20th century European type...

Metallophile is a very good suggestion. I wish it was more like News Gothic and not Futura, but it's definitely a choice.

Beo Sans doesn't quit seem to fit the period (?)

Telephoto is a bit too clean, the effect will wanish in smaller point sizes.

Cubanica Marquee is a nice alternative too.

Christian, yes I have thought about similiar methods too, but I need lots of text and that method would be too slow and painful.