Toronto Typophiles meet

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I notice that there are many typophiles in Toronto. I will be making a short trip to Toronto after I graduate at in mid-May; I don't know if you ever get together out there, but I would welcome the opportunity to meet while I'm there. I will be there from about May 15 to 19.

I haven't been in Toronto in several years, so I'm not sure where a good place to go is anymore. I remember I used to go with friends to a place called Pauper's on Bloor West. This might be a good place to meet. Anyone interested/available to get together in May?

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Look me up.

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I can not go. Hopefully there will be beer.

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I'm leaving for three weeks and I'll be back on May 16. So wait for me :D

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How would Sunday, May 17 work?

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May 17's good for me.


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May 17 is perfect. Keep us updated as to where and what time.

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May 17 works for me.

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I was thinking of getting together either mid-afternoon, around 2:30pm, or in the evening around 8. Which do you prefer?

Also, how does Pauper's sound as a place to meet? Please offer suggestions if you know a better place.

@Patrick: I notice you are a Sheridan grad. I did the Fundies program there back in 2001 or so.

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Oh cool,

I know some people that were in the Crafts + Design program with me who did the Fundies Program, nobody that would've been there when you were though. Either afternoon or evening are both fine for me.

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I suggest the following time and place:

Sunday, May 17
7:30 p.m.
Pauper's Pub, 539 Bloor Street W

I hope that you can all make it and I look forward to meeting you. I changed my avatar to my face so you can see what I look like.

Edit: Can't change my avatar, so I uploaded it as a picture.

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I got this in my mailbox today, please someone attend for me: (I hope Ray doesn't mind me posting this here)

Subject: Mini-Newsletter Burst Angel Fireworks Display - Ray Fenwick


As mentioned previously, my Library I show opens tonight here in Toronto. Yeah!

If you don't live in Toronto, you won't be able to manhandle the books in person with white gloves (stop laughing this is serious), which is a shame. You can, however, view every single page of every book online, right here:

You can also see the companion letterpress print here:

That's it. Maybe my least outrageous email yet. All business, except for the subject line.

Oh, if you do live in Toronto, come to the opening tonight at 1086 Queen Street West. It starts at 6. The show is a double show, the space being shared with Brooklyn artist Sto. (

Talk to you soon,
Ray Fenwick and his Brand Management Team

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Paul, if Ray's in Toronto, you should get him to come to Paupers. He's originally from Winnipeg as well.

What day is that exhibit?

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I won't be able to make it, but have a good time!

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