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NYTimes Style Magazine's Blackletter Typeface


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Has anyone else noticed the beautiful blackletter typeface that is used in the New York Times Style Magazine? It is the best blackletter typeface I’ve come across in a long time but I can’t figure out what the name of it is, if its for sale, or if it was created specifically for the magazine. The only things I’ve uncovered is that the T logo itself was designed by Matthew Carter. I thought that maybe Carter designed the accompanying blackletter typeface as well but I’ve not been able to track it down. I have actually e-mailed the New York Times asking about the name of the typeface, but of course they haven’t answered back. Any clues, suggestions, answers would be helpful. Thanks.


Link to T Magazine: http://

P.S. I've had one person answer and say that it is called NYT-FrakturSix, but I can't find that font for purchase or download and that is what I am interested in doing.


Most likely custom, unfortunately, and not available for purchase.

Just keep looking... I do not think this is custom/hand lettered. Maybe futzed with but not completely custom.

Well... possibly proprietary : )


Most NY Times fonts are custom/proprietary. But often they derive from existing fonts, such as Cheltenham or Stymie, just redrawn. You may be able to find something very close.

I read something on it once but totally forgot what or where.

According to TDC Annual: Typography 29 it's referred to as after Fraktur and listed in the index as Fraktur: after Linotype Luthersche Fraktur. But, yeah, definitely fondled.

I don't know, I just needed an excuse to get away from a fussy brochure for a few.

You should try Fraktur, Mon Amour, the book. It seems familiar, but I really can't remember it now.

Thanks Everyone!

Chiba, does Fraktur, Mon Amour come with typefaces?

Hi Mariel,
what Patty and Michael said.

Linotype Luthersche Fraktur? Nope. That’s what What the Font suggests, but it’s not. The NYT blackletter isn’t even a fraktur, strictly speaking. It’s a Textura.

Check out English textura faces like Cloister Black or Old English. They will bring you much closer. Here’s an older thread about that style.

Fraktur mon Amour is a great book. The second edition (enhanced, in German and English) is out now. Yes, it comes with a CD full of Blackletter fonts, for private and restricted commercial use. Fontblogger Jürgen Siebert made a PDF chart [3.8mb] that shows samples of all the 150 bundled fonts.

Florian is correct... Fractur and Blackletter/Textus Precise(us) (Textura) are very different things.

Florian, is it a nicely done book? I am in it and wondered if it was worth the expense.


My SWF Extractor tells me that the font is called "NYTimes-MagStyle", so it's custom. ;)
Also "NYTimes-FourCapT" was included, so the family name is "NYTimes".

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

I’ll something to add to this shortly...

Mariel, here's an older thread about the "History of the NYT nameplate," which may have some useful info:


Also, Christian Schwartz has designed a few custom faces for The New York Times Magazine:


As others have said, the typefaces used by The New York Times are usually custom work, and not available for licensing.

[EDIT] Here's another NYT custom typeface: Sunday, by Process Type Foundry.

The blackletter used in T is called "Fraktur Six" and was drawn for them by Matthew Carter in 2005, loosely based on the newspaper's nameplate. It is not available for licensing.

Matthew Carter’s Flamande is pretty close and its available for retail.

Contact C&C for a PDF specimen:

Mikey :-)

Good call, Mikey! Here’s a little preview of the Flamande lowercase. Czech magazine TYPO has a full sample in #18/2005, page 29.

Michael: yes, Fraktur Mon Amour is a nicely done book. I can contact you via e-mail and share my thoughts about it – please allow a few days.


Florian, I have had that PDF for some time. It was instrumental in my purchase of Vincent and Ionic.

Vincent is what I would say (and confidently) is the best Times ever. Rational, elegant, highly readable type. Big Figgins is also the better Poster Bodoni too.

Flamande is gorgeous. Hope it works out.

Mikey :-)

All these great headlines set in heavily letterspaced blackletter, some twenty-odd posts, and no references to sheep?

Hopefully Goudy stopped rolling in his grave long enough to see how these contemporary samples work as beautifully as they do. (no disrespect, Mr Goudy)

P.S. I’ve had one person answer and say that it is called NYT-FrakturSix, but I can’t find that font for purchase or download and that is what I am interested in doing.

As Mr. Schwartz wrote, "It is not available for licensing." Which means you won't find it for sale, anywhere.

There are a number of different New York Times blackletter fonts in use, particularly in the "T Magazine". Some of the differences among them are subtle, while some are fairly extreme. All of the fonts and designs are proprietary and created or adapted for the Times by Matthew Carter.

1) FrakturSix-NYT
This is the font that's used for most of the captions and blackletter text in T-Style Magazine. It has a large character component with some limited punctuation characters. It includes lower case accented characters but none in the upper case. There are many character positions containing no glyphs, a faulty upper case "Z" that hasn't been fixed in four years, and a few alternate glyphs that look left over from the creation process.

2) Fraktur NYT
Used sparingly, this has sharper corners, straighter lines, and heavier spurs than Fraktur-Six. Thus far, I've found only 24 lower case letters (missing j and q) and only 2 upper case letters (A and R). The "A" is strikingly different than the "A" in Fraktur-Six, with an ornament similar to that on the "N" of the nameplate.

3)NYTimes-MagStyle Bold
Used ONLY for spelling out "The New York Times Style Magazine", and contains only the necessary characters. I haven't found out about anything concerning the glyphs use in the rarely appearing "Real Estate Magazine".

4) NYTimes-FourCapT
Contains a number of variants of the unique T Magazine "T" logo.

Occasionally a font will appear with a name like "Fraktur-Eleven NYT" but these appear to be personally created versions of Fraktur-Six containing only a limited number of glyphs.

The designs used for the newspaper's nameplate and New York Times Magazine are different from each other, and different from the fonts listed above.

Got it! Temporal Regular!
It's a near-perfect match, but with clean edges. I would be very surprised if there is a closer non-custom font.

The clean-up is especially noticeable on the left serif on the right arm of the Y. The biggest other difference I see is the shape of the little ornament on the vertical bar inside the T, changed from an arrowhead to a diamond. Also, the flourishes have been enlarged and their curvature increased—look at the lower right of the h, the left of the N (top and middle), and the left of the Y.

(Sorry for reviving, but this page hits high on Google, so I thought this might be useful to researchers like myself.)

Just a very belated follow-up to P2h3's note about Temporal - besides its rough edges, it has major differences. Here is a comparison of Temporal (the top image) with FrakturSix:

- Herb