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info. about "helvetica"

hi, i am design student. On my "Digital Type" assignment we have been asked to to do a research on the font "Helvetica". I have seen the movie "helvetica".
So, if anyone have any interesting facts on the font and its history, it will be a valuable information for me.



Well, Arial is like Microsoft's rip-off version of Helvetica, which has risen to about the same level as popularity, but is used for good reason in web design, because it is one of the most widely recognized fonts on any computer.

Don't use Arial just because it is popular (this isn't actually true for the most part - it is a "default") and recognizable (Actually I doubt it is recognized by anyone other than typographers), actually that would be a very bad design decision.

There are many resources available for finding out information about Helvetica online, and many more in books. You might consider actually using the face so that you can include an informed opinion about how well it works or doesn't work for you.

Start here:

Then consult your local library or bookshop.