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“You need to rebrand immediately.
Fountain, the funny type foundry.”

maybe it’s just time to change my profession ;)

Is is a Storm font again?


No, not a Storm font, but the font is
viewable and downloadable on the internet.

the hint is author.

What author has been in the (type)
news recently…Does that author have
any type creations…do you, in fact, have
this creation sitting a few mouse clicks away,
tucked away in a folder you haven’t opened
this century?

I think so. Strong possibility.

…well I think this is the day Will Smith won over those aliens? ;)

Anyway here’s the new quiz..good luck :-D

You don’t need clues…right!? ;)

Sauna Black Italic?

No…italic and black/bold is right though.

{Do not panic — this is only a momentary delurk in the Type ID section.}

A quick correction of sorts concerning the LA Times stuff from last week:
The new body and headline fonts are indeed by FontBureau, but the really spiffy large section heads (the ones BJ mentioned) are a remake by Carter of his custom work for the Victoria & Albert Museum, now named “Victoria”.

As you were.


anyone got any ideas?

No ideas… is that an “a”?


Well, that’s something…
Now we just have to find out what typeface it is.

Right answers so far:

Black Italic
The letter “a”

A clue:
It’s made in the U.S.A.

a hint before the Holiday weekend…

out of print book, e-bay auction…SM

sauna black italic
cooper black italic
t26 cepo
cooper oldstyle bold italic

Maiandra black italic! from Galapagos…

nope. Too little contrast in the join. I forgot to add
Maiandra to the list.

Nope, not Maiandra now that I look at it…

Nor is it any other cooper derivatives

oz, fritz, robusto, rosemary

could it be Venis from Chank?

cross post :-)

forget cooper. how about hoefler? ;-)

Hoefler Text Black Italic

Ah.., that was quick! Congrats BJ, it’s Hoefler Text Black Italic.

They are siblings.


Berlin Sans

you go Chesh!

Author=Stepen Moye?
And teh font used in that book — Italian Old Style Italic by F. Goudy, altered by Richard Beatty?

Moye is correct. But wrong font.
When you buy Fontographer, you also
get a bunch of .fog files, including a handful of fonts
digitized by Stephen Moye. One of them is Goudy One Hundred.
Another one is the typeface in question.

It was released as a “public domain” font so it has ended
up in some free font archives.

Check your fogs or moorstation. It can be googled
with the right keywords.



Final Roman?

yes! The letter M.

how many clicks did it take to find it? :-)

your turn.

hahah to many clicks. Yesterday I thought it could be one of the free ones from Fog…but I just rememberd Goudy Hundred as his…

I’ll be back with a new question in an hour.

Will there be any person on this forum today?