Process Type Foundry lecture

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See it – here.

I just watched about half of it so far (total 1 hour 37 minutes!).
Very interesting.

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Yeah this was really fun to watch! The Walker actually has a channel on where you can watch these lectures live.
This really gave me a new admiration of Antique Olive (and I think I was pronouncing it wrong for years...)

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Thanks, that is very interesting. I particularly liked his contrast of pattern vs rhythm. Olson likes typefaces to have not simply pattern, but rhythm, by which means that they have a sense of momentum or forward motion. His illustration of how Klavika does this, as contrasted with one of this other faces was revealing.

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Thanks for the link, Jan -- and I notice there are other Walker presentations listed to the right of the main screen.

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Yep. Very nice! I discovered it a month ago and even enjoyed it in my iphone ;-)

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Hey, thanks for watching our lecture!

(As Richard mentions, there are a lot of other great design/art lectures that have happened at the Walker Art Center & were recorded. You can find them through iTunes or from the Walker's website:

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Thanks for that link, Nicole. :-)

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That one one of the most insightful lectures that I’ve seen in ages. Great work!

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(Sorry about the name mix-up Ricardo! Symptomatic of posting too quickly...)

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That's OK, Nicole. No harm done. And believe me, I am often guilty of posting too quickly, with comic results! ;-)

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Now that I've watched the entire presentation, I wanted to thank Jan again for posting the original link. As James says, it's very insightful. And, I would add, informative! Thank you, Nicole and Eric.

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