Thomas millo personal mail adress?

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Hi guys,

is there annyone here whom has Thomas Millo's personal email adres, i want to ask him for permission in using some of his images used in some pdf files.

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Ask some people who are or may be in contact with him, i.e. Karsten Lücke, or some designer from the Arabic section, like Saad Abulhad, Aziz or John Hudson.

P.S. It's "Milo", not "Millo"… ;)

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Referred him to this thread.  ;-)

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thnx guys appreciate it!!

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Hi Omar,

You can contact me at initial plus family name without dot five letters in total at my company below.

Looking forward,

Thomas Milo

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hi Thomas i'm sending a mail wright now...:D thnx for all the Piccic and K.L.!!

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