Yeti Out Door Logo advice needed:)

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Hi I'm working on a climbing brand called yeti outdoor. It would be great if I could get some critics and advice about it. I need some fresh eyes. Let me know what you guys think.
Thank you so much

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There is a directness to the approach that I am not responding to so well. Although a mountain is cliché for climbing I wonder what other images might be more evocative and keep some of the mystery of the legend whole. Tracks are also a bit cliché but I wonder about other visual elements.

I also wonder about Nepalese flavor, as you see in the Sherpa brand.

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I would definitely go with either yeti 2 or 3. I would also think about using a different typeface, its appropriate, but is used a lot and theres more then one freeware lookalikes. Perhaps try drawing a stylized backpack for the border, you might need to draw the top of the yetis shoulders, but I think that would work good.


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I agree that the approach might be quiet direct, but i wanted to give kinda a hardcore fun side to the climbing, rather then an old style serious one. All the climbing brands I have looked are mainly badly done or too serious, unlike skate boarding and snowboarding brands who have a really fun universe around them. For the Nepalese flavor, its a climbing group in Belgium... and I don't think they even know that the yeti is a legend from Nepal. I will keep your advice in mind and try to think about maybe a softer visual element.

Thank you so much for comment.

I'm definitely going to try out what you said. The backpack idea is really great. Thanks !

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I like the mark and the type. I think they work well together. Between the options - definitely not #4, that's more of an unkempt egghead than a Yeti :) So it's either #1 or #3 for me.

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It may not be an either or proposition so much. Skate design, at this late stage, is very diverse. Maybe there is a way to do something that doesn't feel old but also doesn't look as bold as a package for beef jerky.

Also consider the usage situation. Logos for climbing gear brands often are incorporated into zipper pulls, at the base of a neck on a jacket, etc. and are sometimes embroidered.

My quick take on authentic but also fun FWIW.

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i'm voting for #3. that's the best face. i think the typography works well.
i'm just not sure about the border element. seems a little too simplistic and modern
compared to the rest.

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Fun? Dunno, then why is the Yeti so evil looking?
Seriously, what's the target audience on this? (Except for Belgian.)

It is extremely literal, and I'm not sure that's the best thing to do.
FWIW, I keep seeing a huge footprint in snow, kinda like on the cover of the Tintin in Tibet book. IIRC there's an even better picture of it inside the book. That might make for a bit of a Jack Wolfskin parody though :)

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@epsilicon: Once you said it:) cant stop seeing it!! he looks bald! definitely removing those from my choice. Thanks

@jupiterboy: I agree (if i understood correctly) that there might be too much detail on the yeti for a logo.. but when i put it in small the details are less seen but its still understood that its a yeti (i think). I did think about what it would look like on clothes and in packaging and thats why i went in this direction too, i thought i might be able to have more fun with it .. Skate style but i might be wrong. Thanks again for your advice and your little trial :)

@evanbron: Hey thanks for your comment number three might be the right way to go. And for the borders I'm trying out some things at the moment. I'll post them later it would be great if you could let me know what you think about them once they are up!

@altaira: This is a project for my final year jury. So its not actually going to be done unless the company wants to buy it off me. The group that created this brand are 4 quite young flemish guys that are all about the outdoor. They actually kinda look like the yeti :) same attitude at least. Also with the "mean" yeti I'm trying to pass the idea of toughness. The group do events as well... like climbing the Mont Blanc.. its not for anybody. The age group is between 17 till late 30's and older if your still fit enough.
I tired a few things with a yeti foot. But it was even more literal that doing a yeti... and gave off less attitude. The foot prints from Tintin are to cartoon like I find, but I am working on a yeti version more like the yeti in that comic. Thanks for the comments!

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I get a "planet of the apes" vibe from the designs...I'm with Altaira - too serious or evil looking. Get some "fun" mixed with "rugged" and "durable" in there! The folks running the company might be serious but you got to appeal to the market! And I think an angry looking hairy hominid-like creature logo just doesn't do that. Maybe a bit more Pixar-like "yeti" - a fun guy who knows how to survive alone on the wintery slopes of the Himalayas.

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One problem with rendering a Yeti is that no one has seen one, or at least the general publics’ impression is the backside of a lumbering ape creature. What you have has an infant like proportion (baby head), like a young orangutan that has an angry or maybe pouting expression.

There is also the issue of what is required to survive at high altitudes, which isn’t so much toughness or anger as good decision making skills under extreme stress. I still believe there is a self-reliance angle that is being missed.

Most productive logo crit threads start out with four or five distinct ideas. You have versions of the same idea with minor changes.

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I also get more ape from the image as opposed to Yeti. The thing that bothers me more though is the typeface you used really brings to mind the international chain Outback Steakhouse . I know its a different typeface, its just the initial jump my mind makes.

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I like the idea a lot, although there's a toupee vibe about it.

3 looks good.

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I like the Yeti in no. 1 and 3, because the top of his head looks like a snow-capped mountain. Yeti no. 4 looks like Dick Cheney in a fur coat.
But this isn't an illustration forum, it's a type forum, so let's talk about type. The cameo around the Yeti dictates a centered layout, but when the type is mechanically centered, OUTDOOR looks wrong because of the shape of the. Y, so you ended up moving OUTDOOR to the right.
Maybe you could replace the cameo with a border around the whole logo?

The border draws the eye away from the shape of the Y, so OUTDOOR can be centered and still look right.

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Maybe you could let his big ol' snow-capped head bust right out the top of the logo.

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Focusing on the type for a second.. I'm not so keen on how safe it is. Everything set square and center. I think this could look good in an asymmetric arch (Big Y arching to small I). More like lettering, less like a font.

Re: Face
What if you take away the white eye? It looks a little zombie to me, and wouldn't show if it was in shadow.

Re: Box shape
What about a shield? Would have a mountain connotation. I like the head busting out of the top as above.

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Yeti no. 4 looks like Dick Cheney in a fur coat.


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mojo has some serious and funny points. I would agree with.

but maybe with the layout in tact , there needs to be no border , leaving it all open also giving alternative layout options.

example you might just used the yeti face for stickers, and also have the version with the text aligned to the right of the face for those pesky situations in which the logo needs a more landscape format to sit nicely in a given composition.

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The Yeti graphic looks great. Yeti 1 and 3 have the most potential, IMHO. Although, I believe that are the same except for minor type placement.

You could also incorporate a more organic/nature-y feel by turing the frame into a branch, perhaps? A suggestion of a leaf or two could go a long way.

I played with it a bit, just to hopefully spark some direction.

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Sorry, my image didn't load the first time.

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The character still needs some work. He looks too mean and appears to be wearing a Toupée.

I really like PublishingMojo's idea of the head/mountain. I think you should run with that and see if you can make the hair look even more mountainy.

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Borrowed the hair from the Utah Jazz logo. ;)

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Zevbiz: Is that an artichoke/flapper gal hat? I don't get it.

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umlautthoni: FWIW, in your bottom-right image I see a Yeti that is dead, had its head cut off, and mounted as a trophy on a plaque.
Come to think of it, a shield could have much the same effect.

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Well on that note here is some inspiration. I’m sure John would be willing to pose for some sketches for a reasonable price.

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Altaria: LOL That's great. I didn't mess with the frame as I was SUPPOSED to be working. However, I made mention that a suggestion of a framework made of branches with a leaf or two could really turn the frame in the direction of organic/forest. Again, it was 15min of teaking.

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I always understood it was considered bad form to take another designer's work and post revised logos in this forum? Has that changed?

This thread has become a critique of random revisions unrelated to the actual designer's work. Critique is not permission to usurp, IMHO.

Do any moderators or old-timers have an opinion on this trend?

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Opinions vary, but in general it has been expressed that suggestions should be written rather than shown. That said, rules are made to be broken. What you don’t want to do is demonstrate a better solution and put the thread originator in the position of either using your work or ignoring a better solution.

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So if you're going to offer a solution, make sure it's worse! :-)

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Exactly, or just describe the better solution so the original poster can do it their own way. Joking aside, you can offer a partial solution or show alternate directions without making specific refinements to the original concept. And if you are going to offer a better solution, give it some terrible flaw that will have to be corrected or overcome.

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the yeti character ... really hasn't changed much from the original ... and the changes made are so slap dash it's not working. is there a particular reason you're not changing the character at all i.e, was the illustration yours?

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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Hi everyone, thank you all for your comments and advice. The newest versions of the logo will be posted in due time. I have taken into consideration most of the comments but I have to say I do personally favor the mean looking character out of all the other ones I have done. I did draw the yeti, and I must say that drawing is not really my strong point (there is more then 60 drafts of the yeti next to me in a pile of paper :)

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The OP only posted a graphic in the top comment. The rest of the graphics in this thread are people being slap dash "helpful".


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ah. apologies then. my bad.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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i think someone mentioned that the eye wouldn't be seen in the shadow, which i disagreed with...but speaking of basketball as someone else mentioned, here's a similar logo.

maybe the face needs to be in more of an environment, rather than just floating there by itself, to help imply outdoors

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I'm usually a lurker here.....but I climb (alot), so I thought I might weigh in a little on your logo. A comment was made about the type of design being used in climbing (bad or too serious) and I agree to a point (Mammut's logo is great). The bouldering scene (one form of climbing) leans towards the skate style, and sport climbing is getting there, traditional climbing is a little more/over serious. I guess I am trying to say that there are 3 major divisions in climbing and they are each marketed very differently. Ive also noticed a difference between companies that make gear (hardware) and companies that make colthes (software).

I like the mean yeti, number three in particular. I agree that it could probably use something else containing it, rectangle or a shield, but I think it works and could work cross "genre"? if handled well.

Nice Logo.

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I've always been a fan of Mammut.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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I am actually digging your Typophile icon where you have cropped in on the face more. Its simplicity grabs your attention and the mark doesn't have to work so hard. Has an Obey/Andre the Giant meets Michael Schwab thing going on.

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I like the idea, but for some reason the Yeti's head is just not very appealing to me. It's almost like a balding Amish yeti. I think it would help if the head wasn't shaped so much like a peanut.

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I just wanted to show everyone the final results of the Yeti Outdoor logo.
Its been finished for a while now but just haven't gotten to posting it.
You can see the full project here
Thank you all for your help and input on this project.
xx Sol

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That's a really nice project. Great job on the packaging.

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Thanks aluminum. I'm glade you liked it!

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It indeed came out great. Post more stuff :)

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