(x) Campagnolo, name of font or suggestion of something similar? - various alternatives {gang}

I´m looking for a font similar to the font used in the Campagnolo-logo.
Anyone know the name of the font they use? Or do you have a suggestion for something similar?
I kind of like www.dafont.com/ballpark-weiner.font
But I need something that feels more "strict" and have more of a feeling of speed.
Any suggestions?


This is most certainly a custom design.
How about Home Run by Doyald Young as an alternative?

Tom Kennedy has two similar scripts at Letterhead Fonts: Ephemera and Ballpark Script. I think the lower case of Ephemera is most like your sample.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks for your help!
I´ll probably go for Home Run.

You might check Philly Sport, similar to Ballpark Weiner. But I'd really like to find the Campagnolo font, too.