(x) Brooks Saddles Bags Etc. logo and packaging serif face - Goudy Oldstyle, Times {Mike Y}

Can somebody please help me identify which font this is?


Really need to find out ASAP, am doing a uni-project about Brooks and i need
to use this face?

Thanks so much!



The BROOKS lettering is not the same as the other lettering, which almost looks like Times (the S's are different). I am trying to identify the BROOKS font -- still looking.

- Mike Yanega

I think you may be right about Goudy. Goudy Old Style, seems to match, but because the letters are either angled or out of focus, it's hard to be positive, especially about whose version it might be. The upper arm of the K looks a little heavier than any of the font samples, but that might be a result of stamping the letters on the box. The printed sample on the bag is harder to see clearly.

- Mike Yanega

The OO ligature might be custom, or it might be something in the metal typeface. I didn't notice it in the fonts I saw, or the type sample books.

- Mike Yanega

Hi Mike

Yeah, im pretty certain about the rest of the type being set in Goudy Old Style.
Checked and compared the shapes on-screen with those in The 2008 Brooks Catalouge.
That double 'O' ligature might very well be a metal face feature?
Prehaps a custom? Thank you for your responses!

Bianchi & Kerrigan did the Brooks Identity