Nice Web Type

Hey Typophiles,

Just wanted to let you know about my website, Nice Web Type:

I'm billing it as, "One place for web typography" because I hope to remain aware of all of the issues we face as a typographic and graphic design community. I mean it to be a sensible place. So many of the resources we find online sensationalize web typography. It gets a lot of hype. I think instead, what we need is a place to calm all of that hype and figure out what's in front of us.

I would especially like you to know about it because your opinions are so valuable. As experts in the art and craft of typography, you bring things to the discussion that many web designers cannot.

This blog portion of Nice Web Type just got rolling:

... I have only a few posts so far. For a good idea of my thought style, check this Typophile thread from 2006:

Thanks for your time!