Letter skeleton exposed!

Cover illustration by Barış Sarhan (in collaboration with Ahmet Eken) for a Turkish graphic design magazine.
I think it's a well made and somewhat funny illustration. They seem to be very serious about it as a visualization of the "skeleton model", as "they have plans to make a scale model of the image to send to graphic design departments at various schools in Turkey" (quoted from source below).

Found at http://www.typetheory.com/?p=1803


Absolutely amazing (both the concept and the realization)!

George Triantafyllakos - backpacker.gr

Clever. Makes me feel a little queasy now I'm wondering which font would be most appetising to barbecue :(

Ha. I'd love to taste something nice and meaty, like Cooper Black maybe.
In any case I expect Helvetica to be rather bland.
Overall, I'm not sure about that black stuff, though. Do you think the shellac can be peeled off? Maybe it needs to be cracked open, like with seafood?

Uh oh. Bad memories of Vietnamese seafood like overgrown crunchy caterpillars but with eyes on stalks...

:) glad to see your sea monster isn't being dissected or barbecued.

Thanks for sharing this, that's absolutely amazing

Very beautiful. But also totally false.


Hrant, you think the insides are wrong??

I think there are no insides.
Just borders.


Like this?

That's funny. And perhaps surprisingly relevant! Although it would have to be housed in a compression chamber so the ambient air (the white) could play an active role too. :-)