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A different cut of Times New Roman

Last night, when rereading Morison’s A Tally of Types, I saw that his bit on Times New Roman was set with a cut that’s more extended. I began to wonder if anybody had digitized this particular variant of TNR.

I quickly found out that nobody did, but that wasn’t the point. This observation also sparked a little conversation on Twitter:

“There was a lovely cut [of TNR] that a US company issued in PS1 around 1990,” my friend Jack Yan said. It was “weightier, but it wasn’t Times Ten.”

I did a sleuth around the web, and found further that Times Millenium, Times Classic and Times Modern (all designed for the newspaper when it redesigned) was only released internally. There are also the Europa, Ten and Seven variant, but these didn’t match Jack’s criteria for the face he saw in the ’90s

I wonder if anyone with a knowledge of TNR’s history can advise on this subject?


Bram, can you post an image for us?

I wish I had one to show! Let me ask Jack and see if he can find something.