Alphabet Soup Release: Deliscript

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Michael Doret and Alphabet Soup would like to call your attention to the release of Deliscript Upright and Deliscript Slant.

Although Deliscript was initially inspired by the neon sign in front of Canter’s Delicatessen in Los Angeles, the design of these fonts soon took on a life of its own–and its own distinctive look. Like its sibling Metroscript, Deliscript has many features that expand its usability such as the the variable length tails which can be accessed in 6 different styles, and the unique crossbars which can be extended outward in either direction from the "t" character. Throw in the special "WordLogos", tons of ligatures and foreign accented characters, and you have a recipe for typesetting that approaches the look of hand-lettering. This was only achieved with the very savvy technical assistance of Patrick Griffin of Canada Type who did all the OpenType encoding.

Deliscript has just been released at FontBros. The 6 Page (1.7 MB) Deliscript User Manual may also be downloaded.

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Congratulations, Michael! Very evocative. Best of luck with it!

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'at's a plenty mustard!

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So cool, and impressive! Yum indeed.

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Mmmmmm.... Tasty!

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Thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words—especially from all of you whose work I respect.

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It looks nice, with a great range of special features. I like the "a". ;)

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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I'll have the Reuben end a glass T,--what? I should maybe take the Knishes home for Ruthie? She should only be so lucky that I would be home before they got cold, already. :-)


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Wow, this looks great! You're sure to get plenty of customers for this one.

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