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Yet another Jack Daniels ad

I know the Jack Daniels label has been done to death on here but the poster adverts have quite a nice antique-looking body text on, which I can't ID.

Sorry the size is so small. I've looked at LTC Kennerley as I heard JD uses that elsewhere in their design but the A doesn't match: serif on the top of the A in the poster but not in Kennerley. Also the serifs look bigger in Kennerley in general.

Other features which stick out are the diagonal bar of the e, a straight tail on the y and the 3 terminal W.


Also, the i and j have a dot which is displaced a bit to the right...

I think you're on the right track with Goudy as the type designer, but Kennerley is not what this ad uses. I think this is a version of his Italian Old Style. The Lanston version sold by P22/LTC, called LTC Italian Oldstyle seems very close, unlike the Monotype version of this typeface (W wrong for starters). Judith Sutcliffe did one called Italian Electric, based on this Goudy typeface, and hers is also a better match than the Monotype version. Richard Beatty has also done some Goudy revivals, and he may have done this one too.

- Mike Yanega

Yes, Beatty did one called Goudy Italian Roman Old Style. It has the right W.

- Mike Yanega

FontShop also has the Judith Sutcliffe font Italian Electric.

- Mike Yanega

Awesome. I think the Goudy one is right. I took a better picture of one of the other posters yesterday:

The c terminal is more rounded in the Goudy face, which seems to match the poster better. Those two faces are very similar though ... Maybe the Goudy is a slightly more consistent colour in blocks of text.