Yet another Jack Daniels ad

I know the Jack Daniels label has been done to death on here but the poster adverts have quite a nice antique-looking body text on, which I can't ID.

Sorry the size is so small. I've looked at LTC Kennerley as I heard JD uses that elsewhere in their design but the A doesn't match: serif on the top of the A in the poster but not in Kennerley. Also the serifs look bigger in Kennerley in general.

Other features which stick out are the diagonal bar of the e, a straight tail on the y and the 3 terminal W.


Also, the i and j have a dot which is displaced a bit to the right...

I think you're on the right track with Goudy as the type designer, but Kennerley is not what this ad uses. I think this is a version of his Italian Old Style. The Lanston version sold by P22/LTC, called [[|LTC Italian Oldstyle]] seems very close, unlike the Monotype version of this typeface (W wrong for starters). Judith Sutcliffe did one called Italian Electric, based on this Goudy typeface, and hers is also a better match than the Monotype version. Richard Beatty has also done some Goudy revivals, and he may have done this one too.

- Mike Yanega

Yes, Beatty did one called [[|Goudy Italian Roman Old Style]]. It has the right W.

- Mike Yanega

FontShop also has the Judith Sutcliffe font [[|Italian Electric]].

- Mike Yanega

Awesome. I think the Goudy one is right. I took a better picture of one of the other posters yesterday:

The c terminal is more rounded in the Goudy face, which seems to match the poster better. Those two faces are very similar though ... Maybe the Goudy is a slightly more consistent colour in blocks of text.