Monospaced + Sans Serif + Rounded

Hi, can anyone help me Identifying this typeface?
Monospace, sans serif, rounded. I just cant figure it out!
here is a link where it's used.

thanks a lot!


Hi Annette,
My money's on Lineto's Superstudio.

I think Nina is spot on. The ‘g’ is different from the retail version. On the other hand, the spurless ‘g’ in your sample is the same as in this in-use sample.

Florian, I think there's something funky going on with your link.
Which in-use sample do you mean?

Oops, sorry. Here’s the correct link:

And here’s a close-up from the Lykkeli site:

Ugh, awful spacing! It almost seems Superstudio’s sole purpose is to demonstrate why the ‘i’ and ‘l’ in monospaced fonts need serifs.

Thanks a lot for your help!
do you know any similar fonts to super studio?