Tableau Magazine ID

Hello all,

Do any of you recognize this type?
I took it of this Dutch arts magazine.
It's a looker.


Pretty close to Stellar, but I am thinking there is another flare-sans titling font whose name is not coming to me at the moment. (Even Optima is close, but doesn't have the U stem.)

- Mike Yanega

I think I mayy have been thinking of LetterPerfect's "Donatello", and this also doesn't have the stem on the U.

- Mike Yanega

Christiana from Gudrun Zapf von Hesse, is also similar, and does have the stem.

- Mike Yanega

Hmm, I've seen Donatello before, it's somewhat crude.
Christiana, though a looker also, reminds me somewhat of Barbedor.
It's not exactly what I'm looking for cus I kinda fell for the upper part of the B and the narrow T. Thanks for introducing me to Christiana though!
Since we're here, how about this guy?

Julian Sirre

You should really start a new thread, but that looks like the font Zelek/Zelda that we have written about recently. (Revived for WIRED under the name Zorro).

- Mike Yanega

I think the answer to your first sample is Panorama, using the alternate U. It has the narrow T and the small-top B.

- Mike Yanega

Man, you're fast.
Yeah, I was browsing through the other threads and noticed you already solved that one.
Mecanorma, figures. Thanks again.

Really fast...
Looks like Panorama indeed.
Thanks again!