A "twelve line perspective"

Here's another one.
Found this one in a Londen type library.
Same place where they keep the first Futura sketches, I think.

Julian Sirre


Oh, posted the wrong image.

Can't help but I've got two questions.

Where is this London type library?

The sixteen-line, eight-line & twelve lines in these samples, what does it refer to? I guess it is something to do with size, but how does it differ from point size?

Seems like the typeface name is "Perspective" by Bower & Bacon from 1837(?), according to the picture. I have seen this typeface before, but I can't remember where. There is a showing of a type called Perspective No.1 in the Solotype Catalog, but it isn't this typeface. This is another case where maybe Mark Simonson can use his library to help us with more information.

- Mike Yanega

Justin, I'm not sure actually. I went there on a school trip two weeks ago (I'm a student of the Royal Art Academy in The Hague). I'll ask my friends tomorrow.

No leads huh?
The library was St. Brights by the way. And the sketches were Gill, not Futura (makes a lot more sense too).