Add extra characters at the good place?

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Hello -

Someone ask me to add some extra cyrillic and hebrew characters in one of my typeface (I made).
The person sent me a table with the OTF numbers.
After this I opened the font in FontLab® and create the extra characters with the OTF number reference (see attachment).

But it seems that the person can't see those extra characters.

Where/how can I create special character (at the CORRECT place, means that will works correctly)?
Thank you, have a nice day…

- Dimitri

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I believe you need to create OpenType feature code to access these. Somewhere on this site there is a page on language and script features. I can't seem to find it at the moment, but I'm sure someone here can help with that. If you generated it as a Postscript font instead of an OpenType font, then you have limited it to the first 256 characters(the ones with the yellow bands at the top).

Hopefully someone else will add some more useful information to this for you.

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Hi Stephen -

Thanks for your reply.
Well in fact, I'm sure I made an opentype (.OTF) file.
But what may be wrong, is the way I made it…

If someone could help me?
Thank you, and have a nice day…

- Dimitri

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If you merely *named* your glyphs with the numbers, then that is not sufficient. You must actually assign these numbers as Unicode values for your glyphs. Then I believe they will work.

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Hi Kentlew -

Thank you for your advice, I'll try it asap…

- Dimitri

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