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Hi everyone

here i am posting a stencil type developed in a 2 day workshop with the guys of Büro Destruct in santiagop Chile. We went to a photo tour to "LA VEGA", a place were you can find any kind of fruit and vegetables, and also a lot of handmade and stencil fonts.

after like 2 hours walking through LA VEGA i realize that a stencil type was painted in a lot of wood boxes.
here i send you the type and its inspiration.


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i find a particular eay to solve a stencil type in the A and the N that i try to reflect on the other characters. here are some photos i took.

i ll wait for your feedback, once i end this font i hope to distribute it free through the web.

CGla vega fotos

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Nice CG!

Now, do you planned to do this font to be used for an aestehtic or functional reason?


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hey miguel

i see know what you mean, in the application de B and the D, and the H and the K may have some legibility problems, i will try to fiz that


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This is cool! Keep going with it! And thanks for all the great found type photos.

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I really like this stencil face. I don't think there are any real legibilty issues within any of the characters. I especially like the B, D E and P - I think these letters will help distinguish it from any other stencil face, such as Optimo's Cargo face.

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I think thats one rad stencil type.. Likeworthy..

What I especially love about it, is that its a 'soft' stencil.. ( It got a very nice organic, mellow, smooth and rounded look and feel to it.. )

There is only one, single, character that 'bothers' me, or that I dont think matches the other ones, that well.: The 'W'.. ( The middle part of the 'W' seems too bold, too dark.. )

I also seem to notice the ( heavy ) influence of Büro Destruct, as well, but maybe thats just me, and maybe thats a good thing, too..

Like John already stated, thats a whole lot of lovely found type photos, maybe you should submit them to the 'Found Type Gallery' at Typophile.?

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Hey Cristian

This has a lot of potential, and you shouldn't give it away for free!

What was the Büro Destruct class like, I was looking at some of there type today, and it seemed amateurish...

Your Origen font seems better then anything I have seen from them. So maybe you should have been teaching the class...hehehe..

BTW. Did you see the samples of Origen in use I posted on Union :



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These photos are great. Fine crate work, no?

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ad from a 1945 Popular Science Magazine

thanks for sharing the photos too.

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Jim, I don't think you can class Büro Destructs type as 'amateurish' can you? To me there are some similarities in the style of fonts you stock at union.

Cristian, any new developments with this face?

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