A quick easy ID for the experienced :)

At first glance i thought it has Arnhem or maybe Fleischman or Farnhem, but that's way of. So can any help me out? It looks so delicious. Thanks.


There aren't enough of my key letters in that sample for me to use the Serif Guide. Do you have anything that shows the 'g' or 'y', or any more upper case letters?

- Mike Yanega

Offhand I think it looks like Walbaum, but I'm not sure.

- Mike Yanega

I might have, take a look on this.

hmmm where is the picture? strange.

That is indeed Walbaum (Linotype) IMO

Awesome... Now i just hope that it's to be found in my Linotype flirt collection. Although i have a nasty feeling that's not. :D