ID: Serifs at angles

Trying to ID this serifed font from a video advertisement. Likely produced in the mid 1980s. Some (all?) of the angled serifs could very well have been done by hand (my apologies if there is a technical terms for such angled serifs).



I've seen them called flareserifs, or wedge serifs. Sometimes glyphic refers to fonts with this sort of serif too.

- Mike Yanega

The only font I can think of with an R and A like this is Xavier, but Xavier is either sans or serif, and neither matches very well with your sample. In particular the N in your sample has a flat vertex at the basline, not a pointed one.

Penumbra and Columna are flareserif faces, but they also have the pointed N.

- Mike Yanega

I found another term -- spur serif. And this is used in the Phil's Photo book "Homage to the Alphabet" which shows a typeface called Solon Antiqua which happens to have the same A and R, as well as the flat N. This book was published in 1985, and I do not know of a digital version of Solon Antiqua. I think it's the answer to your font ID.

- Mike Yanega

Wow, you don't waste any time! ;)

I appreciate the proper terms, and the ID of the typeface.