Ina » A fun cross-stitch blackletter

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See larger poster here for detail of cross-stiches in all characters.

This is my first typeface, started in February as part of a university project.

It's purely playful and teamed with a experimental specimen book that expands the traditional idea of typesetting witty text quotes or pangrams, to include an entire story with illustrations about the typeface. This typeface is the visual representation of the character Ina within the story.

Looking for any critique and tips on Opentype as I'd like to include a few ligatures in the future.


p.s. I have a Flickr set with a few photos of development here

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¡ Handpicked !

Great stuff. I love how you came to this and appreciate the thinking behind it.

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Miss Tiffany » Thank you! I should hopefully have more photos in the Flickr set soon as hand-in is Friday. Eep!

p.s. It isn't actually handpicked/stitched (if that's what you meant?), I just typed the font over a fabric background :)

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She means your post gets moved to the handpicked section in the front of the page based on your interesting work.

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The link is not working.
I saw the flickr sketches, they look amazing!!!
The letters are very nice, but the numbers don't match with blackletter style.


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