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Patrick & Co

Sometimes I just say the word ampersand out loud because it's a great sounding word. Interrobang is a close second.

Patrick & Co. is the last (and best) independent stationery and office supply places in SF. Photographed in San Francisco's Financial District.


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This reminds me of Engravers Gothic’s ampersand, which I enjoy.

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really nice!

you've seen this site yeah?

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I like how it almost "flicks" it's tail, like a sassy little ampersand who knows it.

-andrew sipe | graphic/web designer

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This probably sounds mildly weird at best, but this ampersand totally reminds me of my ex-roommate's young cat, who would be sitting on the living-room floor cleaning her tail, then hear something, yank up her head, and look up and around in surprise with her big green eyes, tail still clenched between her front paws.
See it? :)

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Yes! I have two cats, and they do this pose now and then. Maybe the designer was inspired by a cat? ;)


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The cat observation put smile on my face :)

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Or it's a dog dragging it's butt across the carpet...

- andrew sipe | graphic & web designer/

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it seems kinda weird to have it smaller than the x-height, don't ya think?

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lol great comments

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