Monoline Sans-Serif with Ligatures

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Hello all,

Although I frequently browse through these forums my contribution to them is still scarce. But I enjoyed making this 'typeface' so much I wanted to share it with you. Hopefully you can give me some feedback to improve it.

It's a monoline sans with quite a few (discretionary) ligatures, it was inspired by the ligatures in Avant Garde Gothic (alternates). It misses optical correction and inktraps at the moment and that will cause 'darker spots', might address those in the future.

Thank you!

monoline_sans_serif_ligatures.pdf shows the original design
monoline_alice.pdf updated letterforms and ligatures per 05/13/2009

monoline_sansserif_ligatures.pdf116.11 KB
monoline_alice.pdf117.02 KB
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Your work is interesting. This, because it has, for example the fact of particular ligatures which are not very common.
In my opinion, there are some ligatures that are working better than others.
s_a and s_o are better than s_c and s_e.
Despite the fact the first pairs I've mentioned need a bit of optical correction as regards to their connections (a more fluid curve), they are much better than s_e for example.
This one is a bit forced yet, I mean, the sharp edge of the "e" is not working ok with the meeting. Maybe you should make "e"'s eye smaller, so the curve of the connection with the s should be longer.
I also think "g" should have a curve instead of that sharp part you are including on its tail. Your type is very curvy, the "g" is not following that parameter yet.
Well, hope this helps!
Best! and good luck!

Lián Types.-

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The f- ligatures are most graceful of all in terms of structure (though they might need more spacing between the ligated letters). I agree that the g's tail needs rethinking.

This is a funky idea and I think if you can get it to work you'd wind up with a pretty interesting font.

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Thank you both for your comments.

The s_c and the s_e do need some work. I believe the s_e can be saved, but am not sure of the s_c. I'm afraid it will keep looking like an s_e. Here are some alternatives to the s_e;

I is the original, II has a more fluid curve without making the eye of the e smaller, III is a more fluid curve with a smaller eye & IV is a curvy e where I tried to maintain the same size eye as the original — I think I like option IV the most but am not sure if it is too big a difference from the normal e.

This 'hard' g is actually an alternative I had drawn at a later stage, I liked it more than the curvy, original g. But this was before I added a lot of the ligatures which changed the overall feel of the font. Here are both;

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Here are two more iterations of the curvy g

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Ok, I'll promiss this will be my last post of the day ;-)

Here's the complete alphabet (did away with the sharp corners on the N/v/V/w/W/z/Z).

And a test to see if the s_curvy-e ligature and the two-story a work.

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I added a new pdf (monoline_alice.pdf) to the original post.

Changes made since first pdf;

a - added two-story a, will keep original as alternative
b/q - removed kickstand/ear
g - curvy tail, option IV of two posts up
e - is now curvy, will keep original as alternative
y - redrawn to a more regular design

to do;
- Add more space in s_* ligatures
- Widen small caps O
- Tighter small caps U

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My friend,
ive just been watching the pdf, and got to this conclusion:
s - needs adjustment on its superior left part, i mean, i can see a sharp connection of it with the middle part.

t- has too much base. Maybe you should make it more "condensed", less base. the word you use: contemptuous, shows it: the inferior part of that t is giving kerning problems as a result.

ligature b_r has a similiar problems (the s problem), it still needs to be softer, i can see a sharp connection when it curves abruptly to ligate the r.

Same with g_r, the g has a little sharp mountain on its top, be careful.

As regards the curvy e, and its ligatures, they are better! But, also make it a bit more fluid.
The e, (the new one) should be more fluid on that new part of the eye.

y- looks pro! congratulations, that one is very well done ;)

Best, and good luck!

Lián Types.-

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Thank you for the kind words and pointers I will look into all of them.

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