Get That Job (hand-write a note to prospective boss.)

The best way to snag that new job is to HAND WRITE a personal note (brief) and send it through the mail (yes, snail mail—USPS). This is in addition to following-up immediately with a brief email once you have forwarded your resume/CV and or had that all-crucial interview.

Another trick is to do your research, target for whom you want to work, write a letter and send IT through the mail.

This stuff really works, over 30 years I have maintained a consistent, successfull track record for getting in the front door of almost anywhere by finding the right person's name (make sure to get the correct spelling) and title, then drafting a letter, signing it and send it via the post office. Wait ten days or so then pick up the phone. I get into 1/5th of the places to which I send real mail. This is a hell of a lot better results than any e-generated initiatives.

Also...get the 20% introductory special on REAL engraved monogram and notes. (These are about 2/3 the price of any other real engraved stationery!)

Not sure about how to write that letter or note? There's loads of on-line help. When in doubt, check-out an etiquette expert, too.