West Side Story - Logo Typeface

I was wondering if anyone knew the typeface used in the West Side Story logo. Is it a true stencil font, is it an altered typeface or has it been constructed from scratch? I assume that the distressing has been done after the fact...

Many thanks to all.


That looks like the original logo, which was done in the 50's, before digital type.I always assumed it was hand-drawn to resemble the stenciling sometimes seen on buildings (presumably in the West Side of Manhattan).

I seems like it could be easy enough to fake the same look with fonts.

- Mike Yanega

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My guess is that the designer started out with wood type, which was enjoying a revival of popularity at that time. If so, the distressing might be genuine.
The "stencil" lines are too thin to have been functional in a real stencil, but the designer may have added them to suggest the stencilled labels on packing crates at the docks along the Hudson River.

It looks like an original logo and distressing design is genuine and original. The stencil lines are probably places to create a balance which seemed to be appropriate that the dancing male and female doesn't look like they're floating.