(x) Starbucks - various {gang}

i’m looking for some good block-type fonts, such as the one used in the Starbucks logo.

and also, the font used on the new Fall Out Boy CD, Take This To Your Grave, is pretty close also.

any help you guys could give me on those two, or any good block kinda fonts (preferably free!) would be awesome.


I dont know exactly what you are looking for but anyway I think the knockout series are really versatile.


You could also try some of the Font Bureau sans, like Bureau Grotesque, Rhode, Nobel, Berlin Sans and the famous Eagle.

hmm… i need something more thick than those…
like a basic thick font that i wouldnt have to manipulate much to get this overall feel…

any other help?

Ryan … you needed to click a bit to get to the heavier weights.


I was under the impression that Starbucks
was set in Franklin Gothic, but I haven’t
confirmed it.


Futura Extra Bold, Gill Sans Extra Bold, Avenir Black, TheSans black, Today Ultra are all good choices. I am too lazy to provide links for all of them.

I always thought ITC Stone Sans Bold was a better approximation of the Starbucks Logo font (which I think is a custom font). The other suggestions are fine for the CD lettering, because it’s a different font.