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Type Bounding Box Baseline

What determines the baseline placement of a particular font within a type bounding box, specifically within Illustrator?

I created a supplement to a particular font that is essentially a mark centered within most of the basic characters, basically an oversized bullet point with all other glyphs blank.

When I set the text using the basic text tool, copy and paste a version in place on top and switch to said supplement font everything lines up and is in sync, yet when I do the same thing within a type bounding box the supplement font shifts upward to where the top of the bounding box is flush with the height of the character. (Even with the version I just exported that uses the original fonts key dimensions, x-height, caps-height etc., so it must not read off of those dimensions for the baseline placement)

Anyone know what Illustrator's type bounding box is reading off of that causes the font to shift upwards?