Kerning Crit

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Ok, I suck at letterspacing. Always have. I freely admit it.

Which leads me to another question, how can I get better at it?

But the real question is, if you please, what do I need to fix in this attachment. (this is about the real size, maybe a little smaller)

I feel like photography is a little too tight...

perhaps it will help to see this scaled up much larger:

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Photography looks OK to me, but try tightening up on both sides of the ampersand. If the rest of the word spaces look big after you do that, you might end up tightening them a little bit too.

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I think at that small size you could use a little more breathing room overall, maybe particularly in the upright first line.

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I think the "Evan Brogan" needs some spacing here and there. Since this is a fairly old post. Is it still relevant to add.

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The italic has the illusion overall of being looser than the roman text. Tighten up around the ampersand. Too loose between the o and g in Photography. Keep wordspace consistent.

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