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An experimental (for me at least) display type, only caps so far - i plan to add numerals and some more glyphs.

What do you think? How does it work?

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Interesting! I quite like this :)
I think E and F need to be more divergent. And V and U. And I find L confusing.
I think AGOQSX need a little overshoot. And I'd think about making the Z have corners on the outside, rather than curves.
Keep going :)

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The space-filling attempts of F and L are not working out. And at the same time you've got that skinny T whose negative space stands out far too much. I suggest you explore the potential of massive horizontal strokes; the appropriate area for these glyphs is currently represented by the P.

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Thank you for comments - it will be much easier to go on with this design having such a great and detail comments&suggestions. I will update the preview some time later.

Thanks again!

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Hello Typophile!

I've got some time to tweak my font design - not so perfect and no complete character set for now - just to show the progress.

What do you think about it?

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update on Rendezvous

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You may want to eliminate one of the slots in N to dispel its H-ness.

I also think that an all-solid version of the whole face with no slots would work with the shapes you have now (Though you might want the old H for that).

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Thank you, cerulean!

Some more update, tweaking shapes, accents, numerals and extended character set (not complete).

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