Roll Call

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Roll call! Are there any Northern Californians in the house?

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Present! Yes I live here in the Silicon Valley area of ol' Nor. Cal.

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I live in SF, work in Palo Alto.

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I work in SF, and live in SF too (for the moment).

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Live in Berkeley, study philosophy at UC Berkeley.

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Live + work in SF.

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PLeased to have studied at San Jose State in the graphic design department. After graduation, worked at Steve Jacobs, Bozell/Jacobs, Jaciow-Kelly and etc. Now living and working a bit farther north along the west coast: Victoria, B.C.

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I live in Oakland, close to Emeryville, and work in San Francisco.

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I also live and work in SF.

Anybody going to TypeCon?

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For all those of you living in the Bay Area, here's a link to my iCalendar of SF Area Design Events.

If you know of an event that isn't listed, please email me.



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Hey Christopher:

Great resource, thanks.

You might add the North Bay Multimedia Association to to your list of regular event-holders. You can subscribe to a (too frequent) e-newsletter at:

Hey all:
I've lived in SF, Oakand and now in Guerneville...

Joe VanDerBos

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I live and work in San Jose. I just haven't gotten onto Typophile regularly.


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Hi It's Paul here. I've been lurking around for a little while but only noticed this forum just now. I live in San Francisco and attend school here as well.

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Thanks for putting up the iCalendar Christopher. I don't get out much but hopefully that'll change soon.

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Live East Bay, work SF.

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As some of you may already know, I live in the East Bay and work in Redwood City (love that commute).

Remember: East Bay is pig latin for Beast.

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Living in SF, working in Mountain View at the Googleplex.

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Might as well throw my name into the mix. I'm currently at the very edge of what can rightfully be considered the San Francisco Bay Area, in Benicia. However, it looks like I'm probably going to be moving back to Berkeley early next summer.

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Hi Guys, I m staying in Sf til oct 10th working a little. Any recomendations about bookstores, things to visit or do or whatever here in the bay for a Argentinian tourist who loves type and graphic design?
Tx in advance

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Check out William Stout Architectural Books on Jackson and Montgomery. They have a great design selection downstairs, as well as a typography section.

SFMOMA's bookstore as an interesting selection of overpriced design books as well.

The San Francisco AIGA is sponsoring a number of design events between now and your departure, including a presentation tomorrow night by Mark Fox. More info at

I'll be there, so if you go be sure to introduce yourself and I'll make sure to help you meet some people.



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thank you Zara and chris! Now I only need to go to the Hoefler-Frere Jones speak next week! Is possible to have a latinoamericantypophile discount to go there? :-)
Zara, I know I ll sound stupid but, is safe to walk at any hour there? Just to be secure :/

Ale Paul

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well, its sold out :-( sad...

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in the Mission district, check out Dog-Eared Books, on the corner of Valencia Street and 20th Street... they sometimes have used books on graphic design and type, plus plenty of underground comic books with great examples of lettering... there are other bookstores in that neighborhood , but don't miss this one.

Enjoy SF!

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Hi, I'm a design student here in SF. Check out , we occasionally have workshops to teach each other different aspects of design. I also try to stay on top of the local design events.

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Live in Emeryville, work in SOMA (SF).

Isn't Cheshire Dave in Emeryville?

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hahahaha. very funny Delve!

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After 25 years in Salt Lake, and 1 in Stockholm, I am now an Oaktowner,
living right at the border of Berkeley, working across the Bay in SF.

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Welcome to the neighborhood Stewf!

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I couldn't resist - after TypeCon2004 in SF, I had to move to the Bay Area. This native Oregonian is now living in the East Bay, in the lovely little town of Alameda.

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Does it count if my mind and heart are in SF, though physically in the Great White North?

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I recommend wandering through the Mission district and Upper Haight. Both have very rich, visual stimuli and there are some fantastic opportunities for found type photography

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Some parts of both the Mission and Haight can be sketchy, but personally I have never felt unsafe, though that could just be me, I've always been pretty gutsy about walking around late on my own. You are going to see your fair share of panhandlers and such

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It's been so long since anyone piped up in here. Almost 3 years. How about that?

Hi! My name is Jason and I live in Cupertino.

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waving from SF

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Well, I'm in the area now at least. I'm now in San Jose. :^)

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Nice. Old threads are fun. I live here too! As a matter of fact I used to live right next to Stephen and we didn't even know. Well, 3 years ago we didn't know it at least. You know Tiffany, now that you live you will have to actually see more of us. Being in San Jose in no excuse.

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Hello people!

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Bumping up this thread to say... I live in Oakland, and work from my apartment. I've been thinking of organizing a typophile walk around the Oakland-Piedmont Cemetery - it's a wealth of beautiful old lettering.


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So, since so many of us are not far from each other, we should throw a party or mini convention or something like that.

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