Summer Blockbusters: The Summer of Metal Type

I am going to throw it out there & officially declare this the "Summer of 'Metal' Type"
No less than 6 movies coming out that I could think of use big bulky text:


Maybe this is the end of the Trajan era?

The funny thing is that I think you’ve only hit on half the metal type logos. But I’m quite happy to see Hollywood’s designers getting creative—this stuff is such a huge improvement over the uncreative Photoshop-it-and-forget-it crap of 2007.

I see these faces as being more ‘techie’ than anything else. What if we take examples from a wider genre?

I've noticed that lots of them are using Bank Gothic, from memory, Star Trek in the credits, Transformers in the tailers, Wolverine in the poster (at least here in Australia)... i;m sure there is more but i can't remember them now.

the feeling i get is that for the sci-fi action type movies, the 3d metal looking Bank Gothic gives the right feeling of trust (they are known letterforms) but also modernity (future focused) and shapness (strength).

Just like Trajan was originally the Epic Roman Movie font, then the Epic Movie font, then the Movie font and now the everything from chicklit to gravy granules (seriously) font it looks like Bank Gothic is the Epic Sci-Fi/Fantasy movie font for now ... Pretty sure Batman used it somewhere.

Counting down the days before my milk carton comes with brushed steel effect Bank Gothic text on it ...

Videogames and comics. Period.

One caveat is that only Star Trek isn't really associated with metal, and that's just because the new ship seems to be made using polymers. Other than that, Wolverine is known for his claws, Battle for Terra seems to be dominated by a metallic ship of some sort, both Transformers and Terminators are made out of metal, and G. I. stands for galvanized iron.

On a related note, it looks like there has not been a, "Characters On The Silver Screen" article by Fontshop since July 2008.

scalfin, i agree that it does go with the themes of the movies...just funny that they're all coming out at the same times :)

iamcorey, i hadn't heard of that article but looked it up & it's very interesting...too bad it hasnt been updated!

Looks like Unzipper changed the title on me.