susbtitute for Papyrus

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Clients have presented me with a current file that includes the business name rendered in Papyrus. They are open to "some" change. Any suggestions about a font that will help cure them of this horrible addiction?


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I made a list of Papyrus Alternatives for just such an occasion. Let me know what you think.

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I guess it depends up the market. But, Frenzy Sans and Peanut Sans both bare some similarity to Papyrus.

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Good additions, Tiff. Updated the list.

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I thought of another one, Galahad.

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I really like that Galahad font Tiffany. I must admit I'm a sucker for alternatives and the alternative ligatures in there are simply awesome; especially that double 'g.' I do wish the edges weren't so rough though, but I suppose this IS a "Papyrus Alternative" thread.

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Greymantle has the rough edges too.

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Thank you folks! You are the best. Great list several really nice options there and I think Gallahad can work in a number of situations. thanks, again, Michael


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I'm just throwing this out there, but how about Fortunaschwein . Although, I've been having difficulties getting it to work in Flash CS3. It's free though. Google it.

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Grab a low quality pen or pencil and photocopy the result?

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Papyrus makes me want to drive staples into my forehead. Nobody should ever need an explanation of why this font sucks.

Sorry I don't have any suggestions for alternatives. I try to stay as far away from Papyrus as possible.

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