Kurt Schwitters Merz subhead [x]

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I'm not looking for the MERZ typeface, which as some have pointed out in previous ID threads was digitized in the 90s(and quite poorly at that).

I would like to know the name of the typeface for the subtitles, this is often found in dada documents,

The words are:
Katalog, Banalitaten, Nasci


thanks for all the suggestions. Helpful as always :)

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KATALOG (and the KURT SCHWITTERS that goes with it) looks like Berthold Block to me. I wonder if it is that. BANALITÄTEN looks like something else (the "B" doesn't match, and check the "E").

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Yep, Nina is spot on with Block. The minor differences are due to the fact that this is metal, of course, and hence not necessarily consistent in the details across various sizes. Also, Block offered a wide range of width alternates.
‘Banalitäten’ is another Berthold face, Berliner. You can get very close with the digital Berliner Grotesk, by Erik Spiekermann.

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Right, Berliner Grotesk! I knew I'd seen that one before. Nice one Florian.
NASCI should then be Block again, right?

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