I think it's an easy one (for the pros)

I love hotel murmuri's and bar marfil's logo typography but I can't seem to find out which one is it.


Thanks a lot!!!



Hi Alexandra,

this is a customized Pistilli Roman – not available in digital form.

Similar fonts:
Sahara Bodoni

More Extra Bold Didones

Please use a descriptive title next time! Thank you.

Weeeell, Jason Walcott released Eloquent recently, (and I swear I have seen it named as Pistilli in the first few days), which is as close as you can get …

Oh, and Florian, I adore your »Kunstkatalog Ring Frei«-work.

Gosh, that was a really quick response!! Thanks you both so much!

Renko, thanks for the link to Eloquent! Looks like a thorough version. Now we finally can answer all these Pistilli requests! ;-)
And thanks for the nice words, much appreciated!