Structure Typeface

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Hi, this is my second typeface that I've made. I know it's optically unbalanced but I'm still working on it.


test_javburg.pdf242.23 KB
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This is not bad for a second typeface. I would round or soften the corners more of the lowercase glyphs, to make it fit better with the rest of your design.

Good luck! :)

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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Intriguing. I suggest connecting the tail of the Q the other way around, because it's just slightly G-ish this way.

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Hi, thanks for the comments!

I have started reworking the face to make the lowercase glyphs more round. The inspiration for the typeface came from brutalist and structuralist buildings and I used it in one of my projects. I'm also working on the other glyphs as well.

I tried the Q idea and it looks much better!


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