Two recent releases from MADType/YWFT: Bandoleer & Distill

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Two recent releases from MADType/YWFT: Bandoleer & Distill

Distill draws its inspiration mainly from Theo van Doesburg's De Stijl era lettering. The type he designed for the Aubette Café, De Stijl Magazine, etc. was used as a starting point and then expanded upon. While this typeface was inspired by historical references, it also has the ability to invoke a contemporary feel under the right conditions. Distill will work hard whether you are designing a neo-constructivist poster or a futuristic website. Distill is a family of 12 fonts: 4 weights, each containing condensed, regular, and expanded widths. It also features several alternate characters.

Bandoleer from MADType is a new stencil typeface family. Inspiration for the typeface came from both Art Deco and Military sources. It comes with both a clean geometric and hand drawn version so you don't have to get carpal tunnel sketching it out yourself. This typeface is equally at home stenciled with paint on a wall or used on a music poster.